Rant: End Life Reflection

If an asteroid struck us in a year or more and you’re aware of this event which has yet to have taken place, there’s little if anything that could be done about it. Although there are usually enough eyes skyward that knowledgeable persons could calculate such an event. Despite that though, what would you do; what would I do? Personally, what things should you do, if death was not immediate? Which things would you regret? What would you be most worried about, besides the obvious loss of human life – loss of life… loss of loved ones, loss of the most precious and dearest loved one to your heart.

What things would cease to be a worry? What becomes trivial? What past transgressions would be deemed the most pathetic and meaningless? Soon and past spats with a spouse or partner fade and crumble to micro-dust. Which time-line events of your life would be the biggest waste of humanity; including the less obvious events that don’t presently spring to mind. Would life itself have been a waste of time? – Or would you positively see that life was lived to its fullest? Would you be chillingly aware of all your mistakes, including the deep underlying more subliminal ones? Will life have fulfilled its ultimate purpose? – Or would life have been nothing but a cosmic-sized hunk of spatio-temporal trash?

Would you rush to your loved one first? Would your loved one rush to you? At the same exact moment in time? Minds linked: thoughts, feelings, amassed and exchanged. Hurtful phrases of the past uttered under varied states of emotion – biochemical stimulations; chemically altered situations – long forgotten. Caustic words spoken at truth serum trials of honesty, and hurtful dramatized statements of falsehood, pooling in the well of evanescent mishaps festering and stirring casting a gloomy bane over existence and threatening to curdle over and swallow you in one expansive gulp. I’m at life’s curdling point of no return. The expansive aperture so close, I cannot see its rim. . .


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