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I have some interesting dreams from time to time. This one I felt the need to post here, which made me realize there’s no great category for it besides Rants & Remarks, perhaps prose, but there may be a need for me to create a Dream category if I plan to share more dreams in the future.. and perhaps I will.

The following are the notes from last nights dream, 05-26-2014. At least, as much as I can recall. I’ll add more if I can. What I do remember will stick with me for quite some time. It was very vivid, and I have the feeling that the experience was somehow immensely important.

Woke at 5:40, then continued the dream until 6:50. got some water and tried to remember what I could. Then slept until 9:00, and had another dream which was unrelated.

It began in ancient times, and progressed over different lifetimes.

I was like, some “child-god” or something, very hard to put into words. Young Important and powerful. There was another like me, a girl. It was ancient times, looked Egyptian or Babylonian.

Then something happened that I cant quite recall (one of the parts I’m trying to recover) a ritual or something it seemed like, or end times, something major.. we, the girl and I, began to grow into giants and we shape-shifted into sphinxes.

Everyone was running around going crazy. It felt like it was inside some place, a large temple or cave illuminated by torch light.

My memory fades a bit, but the next thing I recall is another lifetime. I was a child again. I was with these other children, and we were all gifted. The same somehow.. god-like.

I was in some room, felt like the upstairs of a house; a finished attic, with these other child-gods. We were day dreaming, but our visualizations were being played out in front of us in small scale like some sort of augmented reality projection.

Some words were said during this that I wish I could remember:

(Our dreams/imaginations became reality. Something about dreams creating reality. Our dreams in each life were important to mankind and the planet somehow.)

And something else happened when I was with these other kids, something happened where we all died or passed on somehow. Ascended?

Came back again in another life, I remember being a kid again, this girl kept coming back with me too.

There’s so much detail I’m leaving out because I can’t begin to put it into words, but there was a feeling that all this was very important.

Each life the surroundings were more modern. It’s hard to say how many lifetimes there were, maybe 4 or 5. In some I didn’t get beyond being a child, others I grew into adulthood.

In one of them, with the girl and I (and always this feeling of deep importance), one of the gifted children from the past life began competing with us in this life. He was trying to mess us up, throw us off. He killed the girl, and I remember feeling like it threw off the balance of power somehow.

I remember that I end up killing him, but something happened just before that I can’t seem to remember. I figured a loophole around the imbalance but can’t remember what that was.

So anyhow, there was a life after this one, where its just me. I’m a kid again, sitting in a room with a bunch of guys in suits, mafia looking, tough and important looking. I’m just going on about how I have no father, no masters, no boss to tell me what to do. I get the sense that these guys are afraid of me, or afraid of the things I’m saying.

That’s about the last thing I can recall. There was so much more, some lost and faded, some beyond words as they were only feelings. Woke up feeling high and energized.

If I remember more or have another related dream, I shall post it here.

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