Wow, I think this will be the first personal post I’ve made since like April. wow Amazing. The only stuff I’ve been submitting to my blog has been articles I have found and read all across the ‘net. I should seriously consider getting more ‘in touch’ with my blog, as it is the primary and best online location I have as an outlet to share ideas and vent and express certain feelings. Not to mention playing with new emoticons, wink Hehe. hehe

My girlfriend has been on vacation in Florida with her dad, dad’s g/f and her friend since last Saturday. I miss her terribly! sad Finally though, she will be back home at last, and I can’t wait to see her! love She’ll be back in CT later this afternoon, maybe we’ll hang out if she’s not too tired, if not I may have to wait one more day. pout (love that pout face lol).

sleep Sleep-time…
Until next post,
Which may be soon,
-Alan the Arcane cyberpunk

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